Virtual Nuclear Tourist

Virtual Nuclear Tourist

This is a site where you can learn a lot about Nuclear power. As well as virtually tour plants around the world. Use the side bar to navigate through the site. The explanations for nuclear power are very thorough, and easy to understand.

I enjoyed looking at certain plants. I being an American started in the USA, but doing it from the World view was way cooler. You get a map of the continents and you can click where you want to view. Power plants are represented with red stars.

This also gives you a great overview of who has the most nuclear power plants. Just count the stars. The USA is up there, as well as Europe.

Take your time strolling through this site. There is a lot to learn and some of it is easy to overlook. Scroll the side bar down till you are near the bottom to find a list of significant events. Such as: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Windscale and many more.

And just below that is a really neat section on being inside a nuclear power plant. I highly recommend checking it out.

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