Email Drafts

When I’m writing a long email, is there a way to save it as I go?

I know people who write things up in MS Word or some other Word Processor first, and save along the way, so they can copy and past into an e-mail. There is, however, another way built into Outlook , Thunderbird, and even web-based email like Gmail.

With Outlook and Thunderbird , just go to File / Save or Save As and it will put it in the “Drafts” folder. As you make changes, just hit Ctrl+S and it will update. Once you’re ready to send, double click the message in your Drafts folder to open it and click “send”. Off it goes!

Web-based email services such as AOL and Gmail usually have a similar feature. In AOL just click “Send Later” (located just below “Send Now”).


This will save it in a “Mail Waiting to be Sent” folder in your Filing Cabinet. This draft can be edited (each time you click “Send Later” revs ions will be made).

Gmail has a “Save Now” button above and below the message area, too. Just click it and your message gets saved to your Drafts folder.


Oh yeah, Gmail also auto-saves to your drafts, just in case you don’t!

Now if you get interrupted, or if you’re working on a long email, you can save as a draft and avoid losing it.


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