Left-handed Mouse

Is there a way for a left-hander like me to make my mouse easier to use?

Since Windows 98, a feature was included for changing the buttons on your mouse, allowing you to replicate the feel of the right-handed mouse (like having the primary mouse click be your pointer finger).

To switch buttons on your mouse to a left-handed configuration in Windows XP, go to Start>Control Panel , “Printers and Other Hardware” (if in category view), then Mouse . Go to “Button Actions” and change the Left button action to “Right Click” and the Right button action to “Left Click“. (Don’t be surprised if your user interface looks different. Just look around, the feature should be there somewhere).


For Windows Vista users, go to Start>Control Panel and make sure you’re in Classic View. Double-click Mouse and under the Buttons Tab you’ll see a checkbox to switch the mouse button configuration. Like this:


For Windows 7, type “Mouse“, minus the quotes into your Search Box (located under the Start menu) and choose “Change Mouse Settings“. This will bring you to the same place as the picture above.

Something else to think about—if you’re in a position where you’re using the computer all the time, it might make some sense to distribute the wear-and-tear on the mouse to both arms (and decrease the wear and tear on your left arm). Using your left hand to work with the mouse can be tough at first, but with a little practice it becomes just as natural as using your right hand. Follow the directions above, then start practicing.


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