Save attached email to folder

When friends forward email as an attachment, is there a way to save just the attached email in a folder?

Any time you get an attachment with the extension .eml, this means that it is just a regular email. Here is a way to save an attached email if you are using Outlook Express…

With the email containing the attachment open or in the preview pane, click on the paper clip icon and select the attached email.


This should open it as an email in a new window. Now go to File and choose “Move to folder” (you could also “Copy to folder”).


Another window pops up for you to select a folder to move/copy the email to. Click the folder you want, or create a new one by clicking the “New Folder” tab.


Click OK and the email is now in the selected folder.

I did not find a similar way to do this with Netscape Mail 7 . You can save an attached email as a .eml file in a Windows folder (like “My Documents”), but I couldn’t find a way to put it in a Netscape Mail folder. Let me know if you find a way to do it.

~ David

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