The Web Museum of Commercial Aviation

The Web Museum of Commercial Aviation

This strangely informative site is all about the history of the commercial airplane. View the history of commercial flight through the Timetables and Map section, which is touted as “The History of over 30 Airlines through their Schedules and Maps.” You can browse through the airlines alphabetically.

Then you have the Plane-spotting section. “Visit and Find Out About the Airliners and Airports From Around the World.” Again you browse through by an alphabetical listing. I chose Amsterdam. They give you a brief history on the airport, what you can expect to find there in the airport itself (the airport in Amsterdam has a small aerial museum inside of it) and what kind of planes are there.

There is a Memorabilia section and a Vintage and Scrapped Planes section. The Memorabilia section contains just that, and you can browse it alphabetically. The Vintage and Scrapped Planes section was really interesting. You can find out where airliner graveyards are, see historic classic planes and find air museums.

This is a first-class site.

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