What happens when you drag and drop.

When I drag and drop files, how do I know what is happening to them? Are they being moved, copied, or is Windows just creating a short cut?

One day while dragging and dropping I actually paid attention and realized that Windows does tell you what it’s doing as you move the file. If you see a ” + ” sign in a little white box, the file is being copied. If you see an arrow, Windows is creating a shortcut . Finally, if you see nothing at all, the file is being moved.


OK, here’s a new problem. What happens if you’re trying to move say, a program file (a file ending in “.exe”), and Windows wants to do a shortcut instead of a move? Or maybe you want to make a copy of a file and Windows wants to move it?

Well, there’s an easy solution for that as well. Just drag and drop with your RIGHT mouse button. When you release the button, you’ll be given a little menu that allows you to pick Move, Copy, Create Shortcut, or Cancel.


In case you’re wondering, I’m a right-click drag and dropper now.


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