What Is?

What Is?

Have you ever been curious what those tech people are talking about? Well here is a site that has thousands of definitions for the latest IT-related words. Just pop it in their search engine and get your definition, or better yet browse by letter, or topic.

Believe me if you can think of the word they probably have the definition you are looking for.

Here’s an example:

Lazy Loading: is also known as dynamic function loading, is a mode that allows a developer to specify what components of a program should not be loaded into storage by default when a program is started. Ordinarily, the system loader automatically loads the initial program and all of its dependent components at the same time. In lazy loading, dependents are only loaded as they are specifically requested. Lazy loading can be used to improve the performance of a program if most of the dependent components are never actually used.”

Isn’t that more helpful than being told that it’s dynamic function loading?


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