Welcome to the Official SPAM homepage. We aren’t talking about unwanted email, but the delicious lunchmeat. You can follow its travels through time, with “Spam in Time” and check all those different labels from as early as the 1930’s. Take a virtual ride on the SPAMMOBILE and find out if it’s coming to your town. Join the Official SPAM Fan Club or browse through the SPAM gift catalog.

Learn the answers to your burning questions about SPAM, like what it is? “Pork shoulder and ham, mostly. And spices. Secret spices.” Join the Fan club, or check the SPAM FAQ.

This site invites, “Don’t be shy. Explore. See if you can find all of the great interactive features scattered throughout the site. (Here’s a hint… check out SPAM in Time.)”

Take the challenge this site is definitely worth a look.

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