Keep Your Folder View Consistent

Do Some of your folders show big icons, some a list, and others have thumbnails? There is an easy way to make them all the same …

Open Windows Explorer (this may be a taskbar shortcut, desktop shortcut, or Start menu link to Computer, My Documents, or Libraries).

Using the View menu, set the folder to the way you want all your folders to be. For example, if you’re like me, you want to see all file info. So, I selected the View menu, Details .

Next, set your icon arrangement. Using the View menu, click the Arrange (or Sort) Icons item and select your favorite sort order. I personally prefer Name.

OK, now make all your little folders act the same way. Click the View menu (or Tools menu, depending on your version of Windows) and select Folder Options .

Click the View tab and click the Like Current Folder or Apply to Folders button. It will ask you for confirmation, click Yes . Finally, press the OK button and you’re all set.

To give it a test run, open any folder on your C: drive, it should look exactly the way you want it to. Now if there is a folder you want different, then just change that one (for instance, you might want My Pictures to be in Thumbnail or Large Icons view).

~ Steve

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