Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

This is the official web site of the late, great Mister Rogers who passed on to a “better neighborhood” last week (+2/26/2003).

You can take a virtual tour of his house, visit the Neighborhood of Make-believe, or sing along to his songs in RealAudio. Play games and get activity ideas, or read many inspirational quotes from his neighborliness, such as this one, “People have said ‘Don’t cry’ to other people for years and years, and all it has ever meant is ‘I’m too uncomfortable when you show your feelings: Don’t cry.’ I’d rather have them say, ‘Go ahead and cry. I’m here to be with you.’

There are even resources for parents and teachers, including a special link to help discuss the death of America’s favorite neighbor with children.

So, put on your cardigan, change your shoes, and head on over.


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