"My Computer" Toolbar

“My Computer” Toolbar

Here’s a little trick you can do with the “My Computer” desktop icon to make a very cool “My Computer” toolbar.

To create this toolbar, left click and drag your “My Computer” icon to either side of your desktop then release your left mouse button. If you were close enough to the screen edge, you’ll get a “My Computer” toolbar.

I’ve found it helps if you drag the “My Computer” icon to the edge until it’s partially off screen. Also, you can drag it to the top / bottom as well.


Once you have a toolbar up, right-click a blank area to customize it.


You can specify large or Small icons, whether you want a description of each item or not (show text), and if you want the title “My Computer” to be visible (Show Title). If you decide you don’t want this toolbar, just choose “Close Toolbar”.

As if that weren’t enough, if you hold down your CRTL key while clicking one of the items on your new “My Computer” toolbar, you’ll get a list of what’s in the folder / drive.


Just click to open.

~ Steve

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