Red "x" instead of picture in forwarded email

When I get e-mail with pictures and I forward it, the recipient only gets a little “X” in a box. How can I forward this type of e-mail?

When there is a picture in the body of the email itself, the graphic file might be located on a server (like our newsletter) or attached to the email.

If your computer is not online while reading the mail (or your computer thinks it is not online) the pictures will not load from their location in cyberspace. Sometimes this happens if the server receives a lot of traffic or if it is down. Try logging off the net, rebooting, reconnecting, or waiting for the server to come back online.

If the picture is an email attachment and you try to forward using Outlook Express, make sure that the picture is attached and that you have the “Send Pictures with Message” option selected.

To make sure that the picture is attached after you click Forward look in the “Attach” box for your file name. If is is an embedded image, it should appear in the message window.


Here’s how you turn on the “Send Pictures with Message” option in OE:

On the Tools menu, click Options . Go to the Send tab and click HTML under “Mail Sending Format”.


If you want to send pictures as attachments with every message, click Settings then check the box marked “Send Pictures With Messages”, then OK .

If you follow these steps and your recipients still do not get your attachments, they may be considered “unsafe attachments” by OE (see yesterday’s tip) or their ISP has filtered it out.

~ David

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