Windows Searches

Windows Searches

Do you have a particular folder you’re always rummaging through? Maybe your “My Documents” folder? Well, do I have a trick for you!

As you probably know (or will know here in a second), if you right-click a folder and select Find or Search , you’ll get a Find (or search) box that is automatically set to look in the folder you were just right-clicking.


So, if you try this with your My Documents folder, you’ll get a search or find box with the “look in” area already set to My Documents.


Well, let’s take that to the next level by putting shortcuts on your Desktop for folders you search through a lot. That way, you can do the trick above without hunting around through Explorer or My Computer. Just right-click the shortcut and you can select Search or Find from there.

How? It’s easy:

We’ll pretend you have a folder in My Documents called “Work.” Here’s how you would set up this trick:

1. Open Explorer or My Computer. Head to the folder you want to make a shortcut to. In this case, “My Documents\Work.”

2. Right-click, hold and drag the folder to your Desktop. When you release the folder, you’ll get a little menu with several options. Choose ” Create Shortcuts Here .”


That’s it! You should have a shortcut on your Desktop for your “Work” folder. Just right-click it and select either Find or Search from the resulting menu.

Cool huh?

Of course, you can double-click this shortcut to jump directly into the folder.

~ Steve

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