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As we all know, Internet Explorer is “integrated” into the Windows OS, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. You can download other browsers such as Firefox, Netscape, Opera, to name a few. Or, if your ISP has its own browser (like AOL and Compuserv), maybe you would rather use Internet Explorer.

Whatever your preference, here is how to change your default browser…

With Firefox go to Tools/Options then under “General” Check the box under “Default Browser”. This will tell Firefox to make sure it is the default when starting.

Change to Netscape: In NS Navigator or Mozilla go to Edit / Preferences then click the big “Set Default Browser” in the upper RH corner.


Change to Opera: Go to Tools / Preferences then select the “Advanced” tab. Under “Programs” check the box marked “Check if Opera is default browser on startup” then OK.

What if you want to return to Internet Explorer? It could happen. Go to Tools / Internet Options / Programs and you can either click the “Reset Web Settings…” button, or just check the box for “Internet Explorer should check…”


Why would you want to set your default browser? Well, the main reason is that when you click an email link, whatever default you have set opens up. No default browser, no window.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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