Click, Click — Text Formatting Trick

Click, Click — Text Formatting Trick

Many of you may be aware of the Change Case text options in the Format menu of MS Word. This wonderful feature will allow you to take text and, in one quick swoop, change the case of every letter to match your needs.


From the Change Case options, you can make text all lower case, all upper case, sentence case, toggle case or title case.

Simply make your choice and click OK.

Nice feature, works perfectly, but wouldn’t you like a quicker way?

Yeah, everybody always wants to get the job done a little bit faster—I know I do.

So, here’s a quick keyboard version of the Change Case feature.

Highlight your text to be changed and click Shift + F3.

Don’t like the case format you get?

No problem. Hit Shift + F3 again.

Poof! The text will change again. (Still don’t like it? Then keep up with the Shift + F3—it will just keep rotating through the Change Case options.)

And yet there’s more! Here’s a bonus to the whole Change Case thing.

There’s actually 2 different types of all caps, if you know how to tap into the other set known as small caps.


“See the” was done in regular caps, whereas “difference” was done with small caps.

Next question: How do we get the small caps?

Good question and fortunately easy to answer.

When you’ve got something that needs to be emphasized, but not screamed at the reader, then you’ve got something that’s a good candidate for the small caps format.

To change text to small caps simply highlight the text to be changed and then press Shift+ Cntrl + K on your keyboard. This will take your lower case typing and turn it into small caps. And if you hit the key combination again it will return your text to lower case characters.

You can also combine this with the Shift + F3 options where the small caps replace lower case in the rotation of formats.

That’s it! Just another way to get your point across without over emphasizing.

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