Make Your Own Document Shortcuts

They often call me the “Hotkey Master” around here because I like to use keyboard shortcuts. Well, I found out something cool in Windows Vista and XP—I can create my own document short cuts! I have a few files that I’m always using and having hotkeys for my shortcuts is a real time saver.

First thing to do is create a shortcut on your desktop. Bring the document up in Windows Explorer, or dig your way to the folder. Hold down the Alt key and drag the file to your desktop, then rename the shortcut if you want (remove the word shortcut if you want).

Once it’s on your desktop, you can give it a keyboard combination to your shortcut. Right-click the shortcut and choose “Properties” ( Alt+double click will work too). Type a letter in the “Shortcut Key” box—Windows will add “Ctrl+Alt+” to the front of it. You can also create any combination using Ctrl, Alt, or Shift plus your keyboard character by typing those keys at the same time (your combo should then appear in the box)..


Don’t try using combinations that are already assigned like Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Z. If you do, it will keep the original function of that key combination and you’ll need to go back and choose another.

Sure you can just double click the shortcut icon on your desktop or drag the shortcut to your toolbar, but like I said, I’m a hot-key freak.


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