Select more than one of the slides at a time.

Have you ever been working in MS PowerPoint and wish you could select more than one of the slides at a time? Maybe you have several slides for which you’re going to set the slide transition the same? Wouldn’t it be nice to set these things all at once instead of over and over again, one slide at a time?

Of course it would, who wouldn’t want to save the time and energy? So, as you knew I’d say, here you go…

To begin, go to the Slide Sorter and elect the first slide you wish to change.

In PowerPoint 97 you will need to hold down the Shift key and select all the slides you wish to simultaneously change.

In the newer versions of PowerPoint you have two options for multiple slide selection.

For sequential slide selection, click on the first slide in the sequence. Then hold down the Shift key and click on the last slide to be changed. The shift key will select the first slide, the last slide and all the slides in between.

To pick non-sequential slides you need to use the Control key. When you hold this key down and click, slides from any location will be selected. Continue to hold down the Control key until you’ve selected all the slides to be changed.

That’s it—multiple-select to your heart’s content!

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