Tear It Up

Tear It Up

Have you ever been working in an MS Office application and realized that you kept accessing the same menu or palette of choices over and over and over again?

Ever wonder if there was a way to keep the choices open for a while (or maybe permanently)?

One quick way to tell is by taking a good look at the menu or palette when you open it.

If you open something that has a bar across the top then it’s a “tear off” menu or palette. (I find these most often with palettes such as font color from the Font Color button.)


“Tear off”? What could that possibly mean?

Well, just what it says, you can “tear” it off and float it anwhere in the program window so you don’t have to keep going back to open it repeatedly.

To actually complete the “tear off” you should click and hold in the bar across the top of the menu or palette. Then simply drag the box into the window. When you release the mouse button you will have a floating toolbar of the choices.

This allows for immediate access to these choices over and over again.

Click on the X in the upper right corner to close the toolbar when you’re done.


Cool tidbit about this little wonder of wonders: if you leave the toolbar open when you close the program then you should still have the toolbar when you restart the program later.

Why is that so cool? Well let’s face it, if you’re going to need the toolbar over and over why bother to close?

And I must add that it’s so nice that MS Word (or whatever program) has the consideration to leave your stuff where you put it. If only other people could figure that out about my stuff… in a perfect world 🙂

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