The Four Direction "Zoom" Scroll

The Four Direction “Zoom” Scroll

Tired of the scroll bars in MS Excel?

Looking for a quicker way to move through the worksheet—one that doesn’t involve you dragging around the horizontal or vertical scroll bars?

If this sounds like it might be a handy thing to know then you’re in the right place, that is, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse.

Click down on the scroll wheel.

See the four-directional mouse pointer?


That means you’re ready to go.

Now simply move the mouse in any direction and zoom, zoom you’re off.

The faster you move the mouse the faster you scroll.

All done?

Click either the scroll wheel again or the left mouse button to turn the feature off.

Here’s a bonus: This one also works for two directions (up and down) in MS Word… Zoom! Zoom!

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