The Word Font Window On Demand

The Word Font Window On Demand

OK, so when working in MS Word we all know about the usual toolbar buttons and lists that allow us quick access to things like font type, size, bold, Italics, underline, color, etc.

But did you know that there are even more aspects of your fonts that can be manipulated?

There are things like character spacing and text effects to be explored along with options like strikethrough text, superscripts, shadow, embossed text, engraved text, etc.

So the question becomes: “Where are all these things? After all, I certainly don’t see them on the Formatting toolbar.”

And, you’re right, you don’t see all the options on that toolbar—just the most frequently used items.

For more options you’ve got to go to the Font window.

One way to access the “extras” is to use the Format menu, Font choice.

A faster way would be to do a quick Ctrl + D.

(If you want to change text that’s already in the document then highlight the text to be changed before doing Ctrl + D.)

Yep, that’s right. With a simple Ctrl + D you’re taken right to a complete source for text options.

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