Time and Date

Time and Date

This site is the epitome of time and date information. You can find time information from all time zones and calendars of all shapes and sizes. Whatever information about times and dates you need, you can find it here.

Better yet, you can enter the location of the country, and get more specific right down to the city and hit “search”—it will come up with the time for the place you selected. They have a calendar search that works this way too.

The neat part is the counters. Curious how much time has passed since the calendar rolled over to the year 2000? Well you can find out exactly how much time has passed by visiting their counter section. You can even get a counter that is counting down the time left to the year 2004. At 9 am today there were 175 days, 4191 hours, 251460 minutes, or 15087600 seconds left.

Time to head on over to this neat site!


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