Toobar Sizes

Ever find yourself squinting at the buttons on the toolbars? Wish they were bigger?

Your wish is my command… Relief is just a few clicks away.

To begin you need to go to the Tools menu, Customize choice. (Or right click over any toolbar and choose Customize from the toolbar list.)

On the Options tab you should see the Large Icons choice. Check this box. Instantly you should see the difference. The buttons should all be enlarged while the document itself was not.

If you like this solution then click on the Close button. The buttons will stay the new size.

If you don’t like this solution then uncheck the box. This should return your buttons back to their original size. (Then click the Close button.)

One quick side note: When you change to Large Icons you’ve changed the buttons in all the MS Office Suite programs. (So don’t be surprised if you change them in MS Word and find them large in MS Excel as well.)

Now if only I had a genie for a few other things.

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