Totally Absurd Inventions

Totally Absurd Inventions

This is a neat site where you can view some of America’s goofiest patents. You can check out their Featured Invention, Absurd Archives, Totally Absurd Golf Inventions, Classified Ads, and their Inventors Showcase.

The Featured Invention while I was visiting was the Helmet Bar. Here’s part of the write up on the Helmet Bar: “Remember the popular hat with beer holders on each side and a drinking tube attached? Simple, yet effective (goofy looking, but hey, maybe the user needs both hands free to drive the lawnmower). So our intrepid inventor took this simple idea and over-engineered it into the Helmet Bar, suitable for mixed drinks and sodas.” You even get pictures of these goofy things.

Then I surfed on over to the Golf section, to see how there could be so many absurd inventions that golf would get it’s own category? The featured one, (yes it has it’s own individual featured section as well as an archive) was called the “pointy pointer”. Here’s the write up:

“Hey, keep your eye on the ball! Not as easy as it sounds, is it? The tendency is to let your eyes follow the club. But head movement often equals bad shots and is frowned upon by those in the know. So, the inventor suggests you clip his expandable metal, pointy tipped pointer rod to the bill of your hat and point it at your ball at all times. Any head movement is greatly exaggerated by the length of your rod, reminding you to stop moving your head!

Who knows, this thing might work well but even if it doesn’t, it’s great for giving hands free lectures and doubles as a cell phone antennae booster. Just don’t forget what Mom said, be careful, or you could put an eye out with that thing!”

Very strange, very weird inventions here at this site, check it out.

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