Transfer Files to New Computer

My new computer doesn’t have a floppy drive and my old one doesn’t have a CD burner. Is there any other way to transfer files?

If both computers have network cards, you could create a simple network , allowing you to use your old computer as an extra hard drive. You can bring up files as needed with your new system and leave them on the old—this saves you memory space on the new system. You’ll probably figure out that you hardly access any of those old files anyway!

Another option is to send files as email attachments from the old computer, then recieve the email with your new computer. Save the attachments to your desktop, then file them away where you need them. Make sure that the files aren’t too big and that you have a fast connection, otherwise you could be sitting around for a while, or your ISP might even block it.

You could also use a USB key drive, portable hard drive, or external memory card reader/writer then “sneaker net” to your new computer.

Lastly, if your new computer has Windows XP, you can just connect the computers together with a serial cable using an open COM port, then run the “File and Settings Transfer Wizard”. This is called a Direct Cable Connection.

One way or another, you should be able to get your files moved over.

~ David

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