What Version Numbers Mean

What do those version numbers, like 1.0.1 mean?

To find the version number of a program, just click Help, then find “About…”

Now, let’s say we have program with a version number of 6.1.2

The first number (6) represents the “major” version number. Normally these are only updated if there has been lots of major changes to a program.

The next number (1) represents a minor update. Maybe a feature or two was added to the program, but the overall program remained the same.

The third number (2) represents a bug fix. Our example shows that version

6.1.2 has had 2 bug fixes so far.

That’s the gist of it. Some programs use letters rather than numbers, especially for minor update and bug fixes.

Additionally, it’s open to interpretation by the programmer (or the marketing department 😉 as to whether the current update constitutes a major version change or just a minor enhancement.

~ Steve

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