Bookmark It!

Bookmark It!

Ever have a “monster” MS Word document?

Find it a bit of a pain to navigate?

Tired of the Page Up and Page Down buttons?

Yeah, me too. There’s just got to be an easier way to navigate through the entire mess, and, well, there is.

In fact there are several different ways to shortcut by all the navigational headaches—but today let’s discuss MS Word’s Bookmark feature.

First things first.

We need to figure out exactly what a bookmark is, so, let’s begin with a definition.

According to the MS Office Assistant, a bookmark is…

“A location or selection of text that you name for reference purposes. Word marks the location with the name you specify.”

In other words, you can mark important locations in the Word file as bookmarks. This allows for quick and easy navigation to each place. Assuming you place them carefully, you could virtually eliminate the need for the endless scrolling.

Sounds like a good plan to me.



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