Dealing with Drop Down Menus

Don’t you get tired of scrolling through long drop down box lists? I know that I do. I’m gonna show you an easy way to get through them today. I’ll illustrate how to do it with an example.

Let’s say you’re filling out an online registration form that asks for your country. If you live in Australia, you’re all set since your country is towards the top. But what if you live here in the US? In some cases we have to scroll through tons of countries (many of which we’ve never heard of) to get to the entry for “United States.”

Well, here’s a quicker way. When you get to the box, click the first letter of the item you’re hunting for. You’ll find that items beginning with that letter start popping up in the drop box. So, when you get to the box, just hit the letter “U” until “United States” comes up. This works with states too! Type “O” and Ohio pops right up!


Yeah! No more scrolling!

~ Steve

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