Have Excel Help With The Proofreading

Have Excel Help With The Proofreading

So, you’ve just entered a formula into an MS Excel cell and you get this…


Now what’s that?

Well, it turns out that you’re looking at Excel’s way of letting you know that you’ve used a name Excel doesn’t recognize.

For me it most commonly means that I’ve entered the name of a function with a typo and now Excel is confused.

If you have a short, simple formula it’s no problem to scan what you’ve typed to find the problem, but, what about those long complicated formulae that contain several different functions and named data ranges?

That scenario gets a little tougher to proofread.

It can even get downright frustrating if you’re not able to easily find the problem.

So, may I suggest that we let Excel help?

Yeah, I thought you’d like that idea.

In order to have Excel “lend a helping hand” simply type your function names in small case letters.

When you hit the enter key Excel will capitalize the letters of all functions it recognizes.

You go to proofread and you can immediately know that all the function names capitalized are not the problem—concentrate on items still in small case letters.

A Quick Side Note: I found that Excel wouldn’t capitalize the names of data ranges, but let’s face it, if we can get Excel to help narrow down our search for the error then we’re making progress!

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