Hide / Unhide Excel Key Combinations

Hide / Unhide Excel Key Combinations

In keeping with last Thursday’s theme (July 29, 2004) involving the hiding of rows and columns in MS Excel, I thought we might take a look at how to accomplish this task with some handy key combinations.

Hiding columns or rows is a good way to make necessary data “invisible”. This allows you to organize your worksheet the way you want and yet easily display only the necessary information.

At that time we talked about hiding rows or columns using the Format menu, Row or Column sub-menus then the Hide or Unhide choices. (OK – we didn’t really “talk”. I wrote, you read—but close enough.)

This method works well and is great for people who have trouble remembering keyboard combinations. But… for people who prefer not to use the mouse, there can be a faster way.

To begin you need to highlight a cell in each row or column you wish to hide. (Remember that you don’t need a mouse for this either—simply hold down the Shift key to start the highlight and use the arrows to select several cells.)


Now use the appropriate key combination:

  • Ctrl + 0 (zero) will hide the column(s).
  • Ctrl + 9 will hide the row(s).

Poof! Columns / rows are now invisible!

Need to unhide your data?


Good, since we really need to learn to undo what we’ve done.

Here’s all you need to do.

Highlight two cells, one on either side of the hidden row(s) or column(s).


Again, simply choose the appropriate key combination:

  • Ctrl + Shift + ) will unhide the columns between the highlighted cells.
  • Ctrl + Shift + ( will unhide the rows between the highlighted cells.

And there you have it – entire rows or columns hidden without a mouse in sight!

~ April

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