How to get your pictures back in MSN/Hotmail

When I check my email using MSN/Hotmail I get gray boxes where pictures should be. How do I get the pictures back?

This recent “feature” of MSN/Hotmail removes images from email until you review the message and determine that it’s OK. Part of the reasoning behind this is that you don’t have to look at nekkid people or body part pictures when you check your mail. It’s also not that tough to see the pictures. All you need to do is click the link that says, “Click here to show blocked images”—then they’ll appear.


If you want to disable this feature go to Options / Mail Display Settings . Under “Display Internet Images” select the radio button for “Display Images Automatically”.

If you are an AOL user and don’t see the pictures, this can often be caused by a combination of net-congestion and AOL’s photo compression process. When AOL compresses the graphics it can slow down the time it takes for the pictures to arrive, the browser gets bored, and suddenly you’re hit with Red X Syndrome (it can also make your graphics look crummy).

To stop this feature, Log On to AOL, Go to Keyword: “Preferences”, then under “Internet Settings” click the “Web Graphics” tab.


Select the radio button marked “Never Compress Graphics” then OK.

With some luck, one of these methods will get your email to you with pictures.

PS – Or you could just download the Newsletter Reader and avoid the problem altogether šŸ™‚

~ David

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