Mistakes Are A Drag!

Have you ever made a mistake while filling out a form on a web page or in a software program? If you’re like me, you occasionally find that you’ve put information in the wrong box.

Most people would just sigh, delete out the error, then re-type it in the appropriate box.

And we wonder why carpal tunnel syndrome cases are on the rise.

Well, to save your wrists (and some time), highlight the text that’s in the wrong location and drag it to its proper place (box).


BTW – This works with more than just forms. If you are re-doing a table in a word processing program, you can do the highlight, drag & drop thing too!

One last thing. Before I get an inbox full of e-mails reminding me of this – you can highlight any text in a word processor and drag it to a new location. Lots faster than copy & paste.


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