New Wave

New Wave

OK, you’ve downloaded some wave files and you would like to use them in your sound scheme. How do you do it? Well, it’s easy!

1. First, click your Start button, Settings , Control panel (XP users, hit the Start button, Control Panel ). You should see an icon for either Sounds or Sounds & Audio Devices . Double-click it.

2. A screen will be displayed that allows you to change your sounds (XP users will need to hit the Sounds tab). Select the event from the ” Events ” box that you would like to add your custom sound to.

As an example, if you would like to change the sound you hear when Windows starts, you would select the ” Start Windows ” item.


FYI – If an item has a little speaker next to it, it means it has a sound associated with it (you can still change it). If there is no speaker, the event currently doesn’t have a sound associated with it, but you can certainly add one.

3. Click the Browse button and head to wherever you downloaded your .wav file (if you followed the Computer 101 tip, it would be the Waves folder you created). Select the file and hit OK .


That should do it. Click the Preview or Play button to hear the new sound you’ve selected.

If you decide to change a bunch of the sounds, you may want to save the sound scheme. To do so, just click the Save As button on the sound properties screen. A box will display that allows you to give your new sound scheme a name.


Once finished, your sound scheme will be listed with all the others in the sound scheme drop down box.

~ Steve

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