See More Tabs

See More Tabs

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through the tabs of your large Excel workbooks?

Tired of the old Page Up / Down thing to move through the seemingly endless sheets?

Or, maybe you’re someone who uses the “right click” trick on sheet tab scroll buttons and then selects your destination from the worksheets in the list?

All are valid ideas—I use many of them frequently, but I must say, I do prefer being able to see all or most of the sheet tabs across the bottom so I can jump to a different sheet with just a quick click.

What to do, what to do?

Yes, it could be said that I do want everything!

I want lots of worksheets and yet I want to see all the tabs across the bottom (or at least as many as I can get).

Again I ask—What to do?

Fortunately for me (and everyone else out there who has my “want everything” frame of mind), there’s a quick and easy way to increase the number of sheet tabs that are visible at one time.

Want in on the secret?

Yeah, I thought you might.

The key to the whole thing is locating the Tab Split box. It’s the little vertical rectangle located between the area for the sheet tabs and the horizontal scroll bar.


Run your mouse pointer slowly over the Tab Split box until it becomes a double-sided arrow.

Once you have the double-sided arrow click and hold the left mouse button.

Now drag the Tab Split box either left or right.

(Obviously, if you want to increase the amount of space available for the sheet tabs then you’ll need to drag it right.)

When you’ve jot things sized up just the way you want them release the mouse button.


More sheet tabs in a single display. I love it when I get my way!

PS—If you’re looking to maximize the number of sheet tabs displayed then I’d like to suggest that you think about using short worksheet names. Sheet tabs adjust to fit the width of the name. Larger sheet tabs equals fewer being displayed.

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