Where's My B Drive

I have an A: drive and a C: drive. Why don’t I have a B: drive? Did the programmers at Microsoft skip kindergarten?

Ah, don’t fear, those MS programmers had a full education. The B: drive used to be (and still is I guess) reserved for a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. You remember ‘em… They were the huge, bendy disks that didn’t hold much and were made of a kind of cardboard plasticy material.

Fortunately for us, they have gone the way of the 286, but their drive designation lives on – you know, just in case they make a comeback some day (maybe Elvis will bring them with him when he returns along with a handful of Beta video cassettes).

If you really must have a B: drive, you can always add a second 3.5 floppy drive to the mix. Now, I have no idea why you would actually want to do such a thing, but you can if you want.

Oh, and before you ask, no you normally can’t assign a CD, Zip, or hard drive with a “B” designation – unless you have a very cool BIOS that let’s you do that type of trick.

~ Steve

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