Why Does That Text Keep Shrinking?

Why Does That Text Keep Shrinking?

Is this a question you’ve asked yourself while working in PowerPoint XP?

Have you ever noticed that when working in a title or text placeholder that the font will just shrink as the text fills the box?

A good thing if you want PowerPoint to help take care of the “making it fit” issue, but, not so good if you want text to be the same on all slides or have a specific font size in mind.

So, what exactly is going on when things are taking it upon themselves to re-size?

Excellent question and I have a simple answer for you—PowerPoint is doing something called AutoFit to your text.

To give you a real definition, according to the help provided with PowerPoint XP, AutoFit is a feature “which resizes text as you type, if necessary, to fit the text into a placeholder”.

So as you can see, it’s a feature that’s meant to help you through your day with a little less hassle.

But, to be a true help we have to know how to control it. That is, we need to know how to turn the feature on and off to meet our needs—avoiding frustration because we’re always undoing what PowerPoint has automatically done.



Good. Then check out today’s tip to find out the details of controlling PowerPoint XP’s AutoFit feature.

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