Windows XP and Vista Compatibility Mode

So, you’ve upgraded to Windows XP or Vista and now some of your old programs don’t work. I hate that! It’s been our experience that most older programs designed for older versions of Windows will run on XP, regardless of what version they were originally designed for. The only ones that refuse to run are the ones you really, really need 🙂

If you can’t get a program to run on XP/Vista, try this:

1. Right click its icon under the Programs menu, then select Properties from the resulting menu,

2. Now, click the Compatibility tab. You can choose what version of Windows you want XP or Vista to pretend to be.


For example, let’s say you have a program that installs but refuses to run. If you set its compatibility for Win 98, you may find that it’s now perfectly happy doing it’s thing on XP or Vista (of course, it’s blissfully ignorant of the fact it’s been tricked).

This usually works about 50% of the time, so don’t bet the proverbial farm on it.

Another suggestion is to update your program. How often do you go to the website of a software manufacturer and look for program updates? What about updated drivers for your sound card? Most of the time you can download update patches for free!

With some luck, you will be playing your favorite old games or using that older software in no time.

~ Steve

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