WordArt Designed By You

WordArt Designed By You

Are you a person who likes and frequently uses Microsoft’s WordArt?

Yeah, me too.

But don’t you sometimes find yourself wishing there was a way to have a “toned down” version?

You know, a way to pick and choose a few elements of the whole WordArt feature?

If this is you then here’s a tip that’s sure to add to your ability to jazz up your Microsoft files without going “overboard”.

Next time you want some style on your text do NOT start the WordArt Gallery with the WordArt button, instead go to the Insert menu, Object choice.

When the Object window opens you’re looking for the Create New tab.


In the list of Object types you’ll need to scroll down and choose Microsoft WordArt from the list.

Click OK.

You’ll be given a small window where you can enter your text. (For future reference, you should notice that the window contains an Insert Symbol button.)


Entering text into a window like that is something you’ve probably seen before, but what’s more interesting is the way the menus and toolbars have changed.


What you should find are menus and toolbars that are dedicated to the manipulation of your text.

There’s a lot of choices—everything from text shape to font to shadows to color… it just goes on and on.

The best thing is to take a few moments and go through the options.

Every time you make a change you’ll find that your text takes its new form right before your eyes.

Time to get creative—it’s all in there and the individual decisions as to how the text should look are all up to you.

When you’ve finished simply click outside the text box.

You’ll be returned to your file with the WordArt inserted exactly where you left your cursor.

Wait. What’s that?

You need to make changes to the WordArt?

No problem (and please don’t start over)!

Simply double-click on the WordArt object.


The window changes back and you again have the ability to make any changes you find necessary.

If you’re a WordArt fan then you’ve got to give this one a try.

Does life get any better than truly customized WordArt?

(OK, yeah it does, but this is still on the “pretty cool feature” list.)

~ April

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