Adjust Web Page Font Size

Is there anything I can do about web pages with fonts that are too small to read or so large that they waste browser space?

Yes, there is hope. You can avoid eye strain or the loss of vast amounts of browser real estate. You can increase / decrease the font size of your browser. Here’s How:

Internet Explorer & Outlook Express Users:

Click your View menu, Text Size , and select the size you want to view your web pages at.

Netscape Users:

Click the View menu and select either ” Increase Font ” or ” Decrease Font “

Opera Users:

In the upper right hand corner of the toolbar there is a drop-down menu to zoom in or out. You can also go to View and Zoom , then select the percentage. The cool thing about Opera compared to other browsers is that it doesn’t just increase the text size, but the graphics as well!

One quick note:
Keep in mind that when the people who designed the page you’re looking at set it up, they may have designated a specific text size that you’re overriding. So, if a page looks bad at one of your “custom” text sizes, you know why!

~ Steve

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