Automatic Email Forwarding

E-mail forwarding

Are you one of the many people who forward our Computer Tips newsletter to friends and family? Do you receive email from a particular sender at work that you always forward to your personal account? If you are an Outlook/Outlook Express user you can have this done automatically! Here’s how:

Go to Tools / Message Rules then Mail . Choose New .

Select “Where the From line contains people” and “forward it to people”. Click OK .


Click on the underlined “contains people” link to enter email addresses that you would like to forward messages from. Click Add .

You can choose as many senders as you want here, and even choose from your address book.


Next click the underlined “people” link and enter the email addresses that you want to forward messages to.

Here again you can choose from your address book.


Click OK and your rule is saved. Click on the rule title box to give the rule a name.


You will notice that the rule description appears in the lower part of the box. You can modify the link in the future if you need to and even add recipients.

That’s it. Now, whenever you receive mail from a particular sender it will automatically forward, saving you some time.

NOTE: If you are forwarding our newsletter, make sure your friends aren’t already subscribed, we wouldn’t want to receive a flood of people asking why they keep receiving two!

~ David

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