Disappearing Favorites

I just got a new computer and I’m having a problem with my Favorites. Seems like if I don’t visit a site often enough, they disappear from the menu! Why is this?.

Newer versions of Internet Explorer use a Favorites menu that “remembers” the sites you visit the most. So, when you click your Favorites menu, you may only see 5 or 6 of your favorite sites and need to click the little double-“V” looking thing (see picture below) at the bottom of the menu in order to see the rest.


Personally, I kind of like the feature, but I know that some people don’t. So, if you want to make your favorites menu show you all your favorites all the time, here’s how:

1. Open Internet Explorer and hit the Tools menu, Internet Options .

2. Click the Advanced tab and look for an entry called ” Enable Personalized Favorites Menu “. Just uncheck it and your Favorites menu should go back to showing you everything.


~ Steve

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