Excel Worksheet Protection

Excel Worksheet Protection

So, we’re all looking to protect our worksheets from changes—changes others may make or changes we may accidentally make.

Since we’re all here for the same thing, let’s get right to it.

To protect your entire worksheet from changes you need to go to the Tools menu, Protection submenu, Protect Sheet choice.


The Protect Sheet window will open – giving you choices as to what to protect and about a password.


Uncheck any option that you don’t want protected and enter a password in the bottom if you want one.

Click OK.

Excel will then ask you to re-enter the password just to be sure that there were no typos.

Re-enter the password and click OK.

And… that’s it—no more changes to your worksheet!!!

What was that I heard?

You only want to protect some cells?

Maybe, oh let’s say, only the cells containing the formulas?

Can that be easily done too?

Yep. (Just the answer you were looking for I’m sure.)

Here’s what to do to protect only some cells.

I must say first that you need to start with the worksheet completely unprotected.

Next you need to tell Excel which cells to “Lock” when you protect the sheet.

By default, they’re all set to be “Locked”.

So, somehow you need to change the settings for the cells that shouldn’t be protected.

The logic you take depends upon how much of the worksheet you’re trying to protect.

If you have just a few cells that are not to be protected then highlight them and go to the Format menu, Cells choice. (Ctrl + 1)

On the Protection tab uncheck the Locked box.


Then click OK.

Now go through the Tools menu to Protect the sheet. (As we did above.)


Only the cells you didn’t change the “Locked” status for are protected.

One last thing…

What do you do if you’ve got only a few cells you want protected? (That is, most of the cells are not to be protected.)

I guess there are lots of ways but, one way might be to select the entire sheet with the Select All button.


Go through the Format menu, Cells choice to unlock the cells of the entire sheet. (Described above.)

Click in the sheet to remove the “entire sheet highlighting”.

Now go back and highlight the cells you need protected.

Return to the Format Cells window, Protection tab. (Format menu, Cells choice or Ctrl + 1)

Re-check the “Locked” box.

Click OK.

Finally, go through the Tools menu to Protect the sheet.

And there you have it…

“No touch my cells” is easier than you could have ever imagined.

~ April

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