Many Changes With One Key

Many Changes With One Key

So, you’re in the process of text formatting in MS Word and you’re getting frustrated.

You need to jump from place to place highlighting text, changing font type, size, bolding, underlining etc.

And, when you’re done with one highlighted section you can move on to the next and start all over again.

Aggravated and bored yet?

Yep, me too.

So, is there a way to bypass all the repetitive stuff?

You bet—what else would be the point of starting the discussion?

Next time you’ve got a lot of formatting changes to multiple locations give this a try.

  • First, highlight a section of text that needs formatting.
  • Now open the Font formatting window. (Format menu, Font choice.)
  • Make all the changes you need (this window will allow you to make changes to all aspects of font formatting) and click OK.
  • Now move on and highlight the next text to be formatted the same way.
  • Hit the F4 key.


Text formatted identical to the first selection – without all the extra clicks of the Font window.

Repeat the process until you’ve finished all the formatting changes you need.

Now, some of you may be wondering why we can’t just make these changes using the buttons and lists on the formatting toolbar and then use the F4 key?

Good question.

And… there is a reason why we can’t and it’s the F4 key.

This key repeats your last action, so, if you’re using separate buttons for the formatting, F4 will only repeat the last choice you made.

By grouping all of the choices together in one click of an OK button in the Font window you’ve set the F4 key up to repeat the entire group of changes.

Oh, and yes, the F4 key repeating the last action works with other things too—you’ll just have to give it a try.

~ April

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