Merge vs. Split

Merge vs. Split

Well, let’s get right to the “good stuff”, that is, how to accomplish a cell split or merge.

Let’s begin with cell merging.

How do you accomplish this magical wonder in MS Word? Believe it or not, with only 2 clicks of the mouse.

First you will need to highlight the cells to be merged. (Click, hold and drag until all cells to be merged are highlighted, then release the mouse button.)

Next you should click on the Merge button from the Tables and Borders toolbar. (You could also go to the Table menu, Merge Cells option.)


Voila—many cells into one!

The next topic is exactly the opposite of a merge—splitting cells.

Splitting cells, as shown above, means to take one or more cells and makes them into many.

FYI… MS Word may have to expand row or column sizes to accommodate the split. (Cells have a certain minimum size that must be maintained.)

Completing a split is much the same as completing a merge.

Highlight the cell or cells to be split. Then click on the Split Cells button. (Or use the Table menu, Split Cells option.)


A Split Cells window will open.


In the window select the number of rows and columns the program should create in the cell(s) you’ve highlighted. Click OK.

And once again, just a touch of magic is performed. (OK, so it’s not exactly magic. But, to the person who sees your document and has no clue how to make all this happen, it’s magic 🙂

~ April

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