Move a table in MS Word without using the mouse!

Move a table in MS Word without using the mouse!

Question: In MS Word, how do I move from cell to cell in a table without using the mouse? (A cell being each “box” within the table.)

Good question.

Tuesday we discussed inserting tables. For those of you who tried you may have found that when you hit the Enter key the row height grew instead of the cursor jumping to the next cell.

You may have resorted to using the mouse to click in each cell as you tried to move. Takes way too long, doesn’t it?

So, what are some of the other options?

One way is to use the Tab key. This key will advance you one cell to the right. When you’re in the last cell of a row it will advance you to the next row.

Be careful though. If you’re in the last cell of the last row it will add another row to your table.

Shift + Tab will move you one cell back.

To move from row to row use the up and down arrow keys. (Rows with multiple lines of data will take several movements with the arrow keys to get to the next row.)

Just a couple more quick-keyboard tips…

Alt + Page Up will move you to the top of the current column.

And guess where Alt + Page Down will move you.

Yep, that’s right, to the bottom of the current column.

Within that same vein, Alt + Home will move you to the first cell in the current row and Alt + End will move you to the last cell in the row.

There you have it. Table navigation, mouse free.

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