MS Word Tables – What are they and why do you need them?

MS Word Tables – What are they and why do you need them?

Remember the tables you made in math or science class? The ones full of data you collected? (And for those of you who groaned at the mention of a math class – I, the math teacher, heard that.)

Anyway, this is the same idea, except it’s better.

An MS Word table is an organizational tool that lets you present your information in an interesting, easy-to-read format. The cool part is that this isn’t just for data collected from an experiment, it’s for anything you need to organize!.

MS Word tables can be a great way to present numbers, but it also does a great job of presenting text and graphics. Just about anything can be put into the table. It’s all up to you. (I know, I know—decisions, decisions.)

A great feature of MS Word tables is they will not only organize your data, but they will also allow you to sort data. Often the sorting of a very long list can be done with a couple clicks of the mouse.

I like to use tables for lists that contain more than one piece of information for each main entry. For example, I often use them at work to professional development activities attended by the staff, organize criteria for students regarding their current lesson, and to keep track of student progress on individualized projects.

Another big use is when I need to create a form or checklist. I use tables frequently to help the staff work through a new process via a checklist.

They love it! It’s an easy to follow way for them to make sure they don’t overlook an important step.

In short, a table is a collection of rows and columns that allows you organize text, graphics and data.

There are an infinite number of uses. As many as you can invent, so let’s begin the inventing!

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