No Touch My Cells!

No Touch My Cells!

OK, so maybe that’s the way my nephew would phrase it, but isn’t that what we mean when we’re looking to keep an Excel worksheet from being changed?

You know what I mean, the file that others have to see but shouldn’t touch.

Or… maybe it’s you who is the culprit!

Ever find that you’ve changed a worksheet that you never meant to alter?

Yeah, me too.

My fingers get ahead of my brain and before I know it I’ve changed stuff (either intentionally or unintentionally), saved the file and closed Excel up.


I wasn’t supposed to do that!

If only I’d taken a moment to consider it all—before the fatal error.

Is there any way to prevent such changes you ask?

Why, of course there is. (Why else would I mention it?)

What you’re looking to do is to protect your worksheet, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Microsoft calls it: Protection.

Here’s what the Office Assistant has to say about Worksheet Protection:

“Protect Sheet prevents changes to cells on worksheets, items in a chart, graphic objects on a worksheet or chart sheet, or code in a Visual Basic Editor form.”


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