Print Perfect The First Time

How do you know when the document you’re working on is perfect and ready for printing? Have you ever used the scroll bars to navigate through a large file in the hopes of trying to see if everything is proportioned properly? This can be nearly impossible in a large Excel file. Or are you the person who prints a document over and over, making small adjustments each time, until an entire tree, one ink cartridge, and an hour of time have been exhausted?

Are you looking for a simpler, more efficient way to see if the document is ready for printing? Yes? I’ve got just the thing: a handy little trick called Print Preview. It’s available in most Microsoft programs and Internet Explorer.

You can access the Print Preview a couple of different ways.

The first is through the File menu, Print Preview choice.

The second method is through the Print Preview button located in the standard toolbar of Microsoft programs.


Either way, you instantly find yourself in another window where you can see the entire document, as it will be printed.

To take a closer look, simply click on the document in the area you would like to inspect and click again to zoom back out.

Many other options exist in this window and are waiting to be explored. When you decide you’re done, you can choose the Close button at the top and be taken right back to where you came from in the original document.

Save a tree, preview before you print.

~ April

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