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I am finally going to cancel AOL but I have some very valuable emails in my filing cabinet on AOL. Is there a way to save them?

Finally, an AOL tip! Ironically though, it is a reply to someone escaping from AOL island.

One way to save those precious emails would be to go through each email and forward the ones you want to keep over to your new address before you exorcise AOL from your system.

Another method is to open each email then “Save As” an HTML file in a folder on your computer where it can later be transferred to a disk. If it is just a text email, you could just copy the text (Ctrl+C) then paste (Ctrl+V) it into Wordpad then save as a text document. That can get pretty tedious if you have alot of mail though.

Another option is to save the contents of the Personal Filing Cabinet to disk or a back-up folder on the hard-drive. For those of you who remain with AOL, saving a backup of your PFC can save you hard drive space (your system can get sluggish if you have too much stuff in your PFC). Here’s what to do:

Open AOL, click “Email” on the toolbar, then select “Personal Filing Cabinet”. You can also access your PFC off-line by selecting “Customise” on the toolbar and then “Personal Filing Cabinet”. On the list of folders, right-click on the very top folder (normally called Email) and select “Save Folder As…” from the pop-up menu.

Browse to find the required location where you want to save the file and select a name for it that you’ll remember. Don’t use your screen-name as the file name—this could really mess things up. Click Save . Follow this same procedure for any sub-folders in your PFC. This should also work with your “Favorite Places” folder.

When you switch ISPs, just leave your computer infected with AOL so you can still access the files. The PFC is accessable offline, so you should be able to open it even if you no longer subscribe.

~ David

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  1. this info is 11 years old. AOL doesn’t have a PFC in its Customize menu now. Is there an updated way to transfer old mail and sent mail to a hard drive?

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