Tab It Up In MS Word Tables

Tab It Up In MS Word Tables

So, you’ve created an absolutely beautiful table in MS Word and you’re trying to enter the table data. (Check out recent issues from March 30, 2004 and April 1, 2004 for more info on table creation.)

Along the way you needed to set a few tab stops within the cells. (You can revisit the April 18, 2002 issue to take a look at setting tab stops quickly.)

The problem is that you keep hitting the Tab key with absolutely no success—crazy thing keeps jumping to the next cell!

So what’s the use of the tab stops if you can’t get to them?

Well, actually, there’s a lot of use since you can get to them. You just have to know the correct key combination to make it happen.

To get to a tab stop within a cell use Ctrl + Tab.

That does the trick!

So, go ahead, line up that data, make it look great—the tab stops are at your service!

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