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Here at the office and at home I find myself constantly checking a few of my favorite websites for new up-to-date information. Not to mention the eight email addresses I monitor throughout the day. That’s one reason I’m so excited about this week’s download Klipfolio.

Klipfolio allows a user to install and view “Klips” which are defined as “A small window to a website or service”. The program itself is small and completely customizable, you can change almost every aspect of the look from simple tweaks like color and transparency to complete skin changes courtesy of their downloadable skin library. You can change a bevy of settings in Klipfolio’s option panel to manage the way the program acts: things such as alerts when new news or emails come in, how often Klipfolio looks for changes, and much more. This all sounds great, but what really makes this program shine, really worth having it on your PC, is the Klips. Living without these it’s like having a DVD player without any movies.

A Klip, as I stated earlier, is like a window to a website or service, and at you can choose from hundreds of Klips to find the ones that best serve you. This isn’t limited to news feeds either (although you can get RSS and ATOM feeds), there are email alerts (yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and more), arts and entertainment, travel, business, etc. They even have a UPS Klip that will track a package for you and alert you when it’s been scanned at a hub or destination (how cool). The Klips are also simple to install, simply choose “open” instead of “save to disk” and bingo bango it’s part of Klipfolio.

Klipfolio has gotten terrific reviews from a number of respected IT sites, it has a forum, HTML user guide, and even an email address for support. This program will blow you away with how easy it is to keep you on top of all the information you may need or want to track throughout the day, week, year, whatever. Go out and take a look at their site and give it a try, if you’re like me this could really change the way you view online content.

Download it here…,prod_klipfolio

~ Chad

Worldstart is not the developer of this software. If you have any problems contact Serence tech support or use the online forum.


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